Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Text me!

This week's prompt at Jingle Belles is "text me!"  Simply put, use some text!   Letter stickers, dictionary pages, word patterned paper or just have your sentiment be the star!  My entry uses a recycled Christmas card and some "texty" paper!

Thanks for taking a look!  Hoping to make another this week......


  1. How super-cute is that dancing Snoopy ... merry merry for sure ... so glad you got texty with us at jingle belles.

  2. oh this is wonderful! i love snoopy and you've built the perfect setting for him AND incorporated the words brilliantly as well! so happy you could get texty with us at JINGLE BELLES! ♥

  3. Snoopy got my attention immediately - I love when he dances ♥ and you've given him the perfect texty background